Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms

Moip.ch offers its services (as defined below) to you through its website located at moip.ch (the “Site”), subject to this Terms of Service (TOS) and the terms of your Services Agreement. For the purpose of this TOS, the “Services Agreement” refers to the manually executed agreement between you and moip.ch, if any. By accepting this TOS or by accessing or using the Service or Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this TOS. In case of conflicting terms between this TOS and your Services Agreement, the terms of your Services Agreement will govern your relationship solely concerning those conflicting terms. If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of a company, business, or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity and its affiliates to this Agreement. If you lack such authority or disagree with this TOS, you must not accept it and may not use the Service. As part of the registration process, you will establish administrative user names and passwords for your account (“Account”).

You can review the most current version of this TOS anytime at moip.ch. Revised terms and conditions will become effective thirty (30) days after posting or sending you notice of such changes. If you use the Service after that date, your use will signify acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. If you’re subject to a Services Agreement and do not consent to changes in the TOS, you may request a copy of the TOS that was in effect at the time of entering your Services Agreement within 30 days of learning about the change. In this case, the parties will honor the terms of the prior version of the TOS.

2. Description of Service

The “Service” is an online platform offering access to profiles and audience demographic information for social influencers across major social channels, along with an automation solution to manage influencer marketing campaigns. The Service encompasses moip.ch content and data (“moip.ch Content”), including reports, graphs, and other data presentations, as well as content and data not generated or maintained by moip.ch (“Third Party Data”). Moip.ch undertakes no representations or warranties with respect to Third Party Data. Any new features added to the Service are subject to this TOS.

3. General Conditions/ Access and Use of the Service

Subject to the terms of this TOS, you may access and use the Service for lawful purposes. All rights, title, and interest in the Service and its components remain with moip.ch. You shall not sublicense, resell, rent, lease, transfer, assign, or otherwise commercially exploit the Service to third parties, including developing a competing platform, without explicit authorization. You shall use the Service in a lawful manner, avoid unauthorized access, and refrain from modifying or hacking the Service. Compliance with moip.ch codes of conduct, policies, or notices is expected, and you must report any security breaches related to the Service.By using moip.ch, you agree to adhere to the acceptable usage policy.

This policy outlines acceptable platform usage and states that usage resembling scraping may be limited at moip.ch’s discretion. Limits may be imposed to ensure a positive experience for all users. Any usage exceeding specific thresholds may be flagged as scraping usage.Any software provided by moip.ch with the Service (“Software”) contains proprietary and confidential information. You must access the Service only through the provided interface. You shall be responsible for Equipment compatibility with the Services and maintaining the security of Equipment, Accounts, passwords, and files.

Moip.ch reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Service at its discretion. You are responsible for your Account’s confidentiality, activity, and provided content. Moip.ch’s liability for unauthorized access or loss of your content is limited. Moip.ch is not responsible for third-party sites linked through the Service.

4. Payment and Termination

Payment details and terms are governed by your Services Agreement. You are responsible for timely payment and updating account information. Moip.ch reserves the right to bill you and collect fees for the Service. You may terminate this Agreement on 60 days’ notice if certain events occur. Moip.ch may terminate your Account immediately in case of a breach. Upon termination, you must delete moip.ch Intellectual Property Rights and Third Party Data obtained from the Services.

5. Disclaimers and Limitations

The Service may be temporarily unavailable for maintenance or due to other causes beyond moip.ch’s control. The Service, including the Site and Content, is provided “as is” without warranties, and moip.ch disclaims any and all warranties. Moip.ch is not liable for certain damages and its liability is limited. Moip.ch also disclaims warranties for Third Party Data’s comprehensiveness, accuracy, or adequacy.

6. Confidential Information

Both parties shall treat information received in connection with this Agreement as confidential. Confidential information shall not include publicly known or independently developed information. Parties shall protect confidential information, use it only for intended purposes, and not disclose it to unauthorized parties.

7. Intellectual Property

Moip.ch retains Intellectual Property Rights arising from the Services. You shall not impair moip.ch’s proprietary and intellectual property rights. Any feedback provided to moip.ch regarding the Service becomes its exclusive property.

8. Governing Law

This TOS and Services Agreement are governed by Swiss law. You agree to submit to Switzerland’s jurisdiction for dispute resolution.This TOS constitutes a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between parties, and no agency, partnership, or employment relationship is created. Invalid provisions will be limited or eliminated, and waivers or modifications require written consent.