Recruiting Talented
In-House Influencers

introducing our innovative “Internal Influencer as a Service” – a pioneering solution designed to reshape the way companies approach influencer marketing and brand amplification. We recognize the potent synergy between potential talented influencers and powerful brand representation on social media platforms.

Our service goes beyond conventional recruitment, by identifying individuals who not only possess the needed skills but also exhibit the charisma and authenticity that resonate in the realm of social influence. We bridge the internal influencers gap, nurturing potential candidates to become the social face of your brand.

Through our search & selection for talents, we empower companies to organically expand their online presence, fostering a workforce deeply connected with their brand values. Join us in searching for your ideal brand ambassador, as we sculpt a new paradigm in corporate success through talent, influence, and authenticity.

Recruiting Content Creators
To Drive Scalable Outcomes For Brands

Through our internal influencer search and selection solution, we will connect and recruit charismatic content creators with brands. We cultivate influencers who will organically promote your brand to grow your community, and build a solid trust among your audience. Your internal influencers will enhance your sales across various niches, from e-commerce to gastronomy.


The candidate profiling is all about defining the ideal influencer who will engage your target audience with your brand.


In Candidate evaluation, we will use various methods to assess potential influencer skills including content creation tests.


Now it’s time to conduct personal interviews with top shortlisted candidates, to identify your next talented influencer.


Congratulations, your charismatic influencer will transform your social media channels into engaging communities.