Precise clicks and sales monitoring

Create and allocate personalized tracking links to influencers with ease, facilitating seamless sharing on social media and digital platforms.
Immediate visibility enables you to monitor how influencers are promoting your brand, providing you with both control and insights.

Simplify the task of assigning distinct tracking links to individual influencers, ensuring precise measurement of their influence.

Sales attribution customized to your needs

Craft and adapt attribution models with flexibility and precision to gain deeper insights into influencers’ impact on your sales funnel.
Refine conversion timeframes for precise credit allocation and optimal attribution, enabling a comprehensive examination.
Establish commission structures to motivate influencers according to their performance, such as fixed fees, or sales revenue percentages.

Instant and clear sales reporting in real time

Obtain a comprehensive campaign performance through detailed metrics about clicks, sales, ROI, conversion rates, and audience demographics.
Translate intricate data into easily comprehensible visuals, enhancing insights and facilitating data-informed decision-making.

Utilize a comprehensive suite of tools consolidated in a single location to comprehend, assess, and elevate sales performance.