Boost Your Sales With
AI Influencer Marketing
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With Our Integrated Influencer Marketing Software, You Will Grow Your Sales, By Analyzing, Discovering, Managing, And Partnering With Your Ideal Influencers Globally.

Boost Your Sales With AI Influencer Marketing.
Drive Sales On

With Our Integrated Influencer Marketing Software, You Will Grow Your Sales, By Analyzing, Discovering, Managing, And Partnering With Your Ideal Influencers Globally.

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Moip aids your business in identifying Influencers and gaining comprehensive understandings of the demographic and psychographic information concerning more than 300 million influencers and their followers across various social media platforms online. Irrespective of the specificity of your search or the platform you’re focused on, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, or TikTok, we guarantee to provide you with everything necessary to accomplish your goals.
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Unlock Influencers Insights With Real-Time AI Analytics

Gain access to comprehensive insights on over 300 million influencers, examining their audience attributes, engagement levels, keywords, and areas of interest.
Enhance your brand advocacy decisions with data-driven insights through the power of AI influencer analysis.
Conduct in-depth demographic and psychographic analysis of the influencer’s audience, with precise segmentation before selections.

Search And Discover Influencers To Start Your Campaigns

Utilize 30+ filters to discover influencers who genuinely connect with your brand, utilizing multiple identification methods to invite the ideal ambassadors.
Gain access to all-inclusive contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.
Utilize predictive analysis to forecast campaign KPIs, facilitating improved planning and evaluation.

Engage UGC Creators And Acquire Custom Content For Your Brand

Tap into an extensive network of UGC creators, connecting you with over 50k UGC creators. enabling seamless collaboration with content creators.
Easily vet and find the perfect match, review the new content, and track engagement to maximize results.
Take charge of your content’s performance by monitoring engagement metrics and reviewing new content, granting you complete visibility and control.

Optimize Influencers Management And Save Valuable Time

Streamline the process of inviting, negotiating, hiring, collaborating, and managing influencers on a large scale to manage your influencer’s relationships.

Simplify the payment process, conveniently sending payments directly, and streamlining the compensation process for influencers.
Reward influencers using our integrated commission payment system, automating calculations for accurate and timely payouts.

Fosters Social Listening And Competitors Analysis

Acquire comprehensive competitor insights and Obtain a holistic understanding of your competitors including in-depth social media analysis and insights.

Utilize the gathered information to elevate brand visibility, attract new customers, and prioritize your business roadmap for optimal growth.

Leverage the acquired data to identify opportunities for market expansion, optimize return on investment, and strategically enter new markets.

Effortless Campaigns Tracking And Performance Monitoring.

Harness the power of the Intelligent Marketing Analytics Interface to centralize campaign data tracking and store all influencers’ content efficiently.
Gain access to comprehensive analytics for individual links, including essential metrics such as clicks, views, and engagement rates.
Automatically track and capture your influencer’s posts, reels, and stories with ease on influencer campaigns.

Conduct Live Sales Tracking And Measure Sales Performance

Unleash the potential of data to access detailed metrics, such as clicks, sales, ROI, and conversion rates, to conduct a thorough performance analysis.

Simplify complex data using our intuitive platform, enabling data-driven decision-making for more effective marketing strategies

Facilitating comprehensive campaign evaluation, by measuring content creators’ performance in our all-encompassing sales reporting.