Effortless campaign monitoring

Monitor brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords without limitations in real-time for a thorough digital marketing strategy oversight.
Get instant notifications for influencer content to stay updated and engage with automated integration of sponsored content on social media platforms.
Store and retrieve influencer content whenever needed using the Intelligent Marketing Analytics Interface to maintain a complete digital campaign record.

Thorough demographic & engagement analyses

Obtain valuable insights from influencer campaigns through pre-generated reports and automatically monitor your influencer’s posts, reels, and stories.

In-depth overview and tracking of campaign performance featuring both high-level and detailed analyses.

Receive concise and actionable insights presented in user-friendly charts and infographics, with extensive statistics of influencers campaigns.

Add stories and posts retroactively

Streamline post tracking and content inclusion using our user-friendly posts grabber feature, allowing you to integrate posts effortlessly with a single click.
Expand your campaign repository by uploading personalized story content and selected analytic and KPIs, ensuring you retain command over your campaign’s story.
Maintain narrative control over your campaign by easily adding supplementary content and monitoring overlooked posts through our intuitive interface.