Effective influencer Management

Streamline creator management in a single, centralized hub, eliminating the need for scattered spreadsheets and never-ending email chains.
Categorize influencers by their names, locations, campaigns, and other criteria. Stay updated on their recent endeavors and engaged contributors.

Effortlessly monitor payment statuses and oversee content deliveries, guaranteeing fair remuneration for influencers and smooth administration.

Expand your outreach to influencers and creators

Extend your influencer outreach with seamless integration with Gmail and Outlook, centralizing all correspondence within a single platform.
Elevate engagements with creators through ChatGPT, an AI assistant incorporated into the system, guaranteeing an effective interaction.

Improve efficiency through email and contract templates, resulting in productivity increase and streamlining the communication workflow.

Comprehensive management of budgets, ROI, and KPIs

Tailored dashboard for monitoring and tracking influencer marketing budget, payments and ongoing negotiations.
In-depth summary of influencer marketing expenditures, with precise assessment of influencer marketing ROI via link and sales tracking.

Acquire valuable insights at every stage of the campaign, enabling well-informed decisions and optimizing the campaign for success.