AI-Powered Analytics

Elevate brand advocacy strategies with data-backed insights utilizing precise decision-making through an analysis of influencers driven by data.
Employ informed decision-making guided by data with AI tools to steer clear of arbitrary brand advocate selections.

Develop a deeper understanding of the influencer’s audience by analyzing both demographic and psychographic insights.

Detection of Suspicious or Fake Bot Followers

Utilize our analysis to spot fake followers, and filter out impostors distinguishing between authentic and inauthentic or fake audiences.
Obtain valuable audience insights and comprehensive information about your audience’s quality, to gauge their engagement and worth.
Trustworthy data: Access dependable and precise data for well-informed choices, enhancing your overall social media strategy.

Leverage LiveLinks for Empowering Influencers

Influencer LiveLinks provides real-time performance monitoring, enhancing collaboration with influencers.
This feature empowers influencers to generate personalized tracked links, expediting campaign development.

LiveLinks cultivates a feeling of ownership and partnership rooted in mutual achievement, simplifying the influencer marketing workflow.